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Steward Management Group (a.k.a Steward Rentals) is a unique, community based organization, specifically designed to provide housing solutions, medical and behavioral health services in conjunction with peer support for adults that suffer from chronic homelessness, domestic abuse, substance use disorder and mental illness, so they may live with meaning and dignity not to mention can build or rebuild their lives and achieve success, whatever that may be for them. Each persons version of success is different and its not our job to decide what that is. What it is our job though, is to help by making the things they need to succeed readily available to them, free from barriers, free from red tape and free from any other restrictions or inequalities that may impede their journey. We want the journey to be just as rewarding and memorable at reaching

Special Needs Housing


 What is Support Based Housing?

Support Based Housing is a combination of affordable housing and peer support services designed to help individuals use housing as a platform for health and recovery following a period of homelessness, hospitalization or incarceration or for youth aging out of foster care.
Support Based Housing is affordable, permanent and independent housing that meets the needs of tenants by in house peers providing support and that is integrated within a neighborhood and community.
The two primary types of supportive housing are:

  • Single-site (also referred to as congregate): A designated building where each individual or family has a private living quarters and may share kitchens and/or common recreational rooms or other facilities.

  • Scattered-site: units in apartment buildings spread throughout a neighborhood or community that are designated for specific populations, accompanied by supportive services

How Does Support Based Housing Work?           Permanent peer centered supportive housing provides individuals coming from a period of homelessness, hospitalization or incarceration with:

  • Integrated, quality housing: Residential apartment buildings are located in all communities throughout New York State & New York City. Support Based Housing reflects housing options available to others at similar income levels in the community and meets standards for safety and quality established by local, state, and federal laws and regulations and;

  • Standard lease and rental assistance: Tenants sign a standard lease or housing agreement. Continued tenancy is not subject to any special rules or participation in any particular services. Tenants pay 30 percent of their income toward rent and many times they pay none as the entire rent is covered by a voucher, grant or any other number of funding sources used for housing.

A person is eligible for S.M.G support based housing units if they are an individual or family that is chronically homeless, has a mental illness and/or a substance use disorder or is a domestic violence survivor. The families and individuals we help are the ones that are experiencing the biggest need for help and assistance. 

    Special Needs Housing     "Shared & Independent Housing Models"

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Support Based Housing

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