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Housing & Support

Housing is Healthcare


Steward Management Group's highly trained property managers are fully licensed counselors and social workers with years of treatment experience. Each property manager and counselor continuously provides ongoing support to our low-income, veteran, elderly and disabled residents. S.M.G owns and manages dozens of locations with both buildings and single family homes throughout New York. While living in our support based housing facilities our tenants pay rent through the use of housing vouchers or by using a portion of their SSI / SSD benefits. Clients/tenants also have direct and easy access to support services that include but are not limited to:

  • Peer Advocacy

  • Document translation

  • Assistance with urgent needs

  • Support with repairs and maintenance

  • Financial Literacy Support

  • In-House Employment Opportunities

  • Medical & Diagnostic Services

  • TeleMed & House Calls

  • Behavioral Health Services

  • Case Management

  • Life Skills Services


We are continuously adding services for each property, client and agency that is in our Housing Program. With stable housing and the ease of access to our support services, our residents are empowered to overcome the effects of poverty, domestic violence, addictive behavior, and other barriers. Stable housing provides our residents with a solid foundation which allows them to flourish into productive member of society.


**To Request Housing, Fill Out & Submit The "Housing Request" Form @ The End Of This Page**

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SMG's Housing Support Program provides ongoing support to low-income populations, veterans and seniors, promoting housing retention and continued self-sufficiency for thousands of families.


At the center of the success of the program is ongoing case management for the formerly homeless. As part of every case management strategy at SMG's Housing locations, clients benefit from a needs assessment to determine which services are most critical to solve their unique barriers to housing insecurity.


Services are offered through SMG's Housing programs or through referral to the appropriate social service, government or community-based organization that can help address the person's needs most effectively.
Even after our residents have transitioned to safe and permanent housing, frequent check-ins by our caseworkers ensure the retention of housing and the financial stability of the client.


SMG has a well-developed approach to stabilize and strengthen those recovering from the multiple hardships of homelessness. Support Based Housing affords those in need a critical safety net while they work one-on-one with staff members to build skills and work towards complete independence.
At all SMG Housing Locations, our clients find support for all areas of their lives that include but are not limited to:

  • Housing counseling

  • Job Readiness

  • Housing applications

  • Financial Literacy

  • Peer Advocacy

  • Primary Medical & Behavioral Health Services

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